We can offer a minivan in case of 4-7 participants. In case of 2-3 passangers we will offer a taxi. The first price is that of the minivan per person in the chart below, the second one is the taxi price (for one car!). Of course, the price to be paid for one person depends on the number of participants in case of a taxi.




12th December

14.00 - Veszprém sightseeing

Included in the registration fee

19.00 - Organ concert in the St Michael’s Cathedral (in the Veszprem Castle)

Included in the registration fee

13th December

8.30 - Travelling to the Sárvár Spa and Wellness Centre*

travel fee: 4.000 HUF/person (minivan) or 19.000 HUF/taxi

(entrance fee: 2.800 HUF)

10.00 - Balatonfüred-Tihany Sightseeing, Visiting the Benedictine Abbey in Tihany, Lake Balaton in Winter!
Guided Tour in the Abbey and in the crypt*

travel fee: 3.000 HUF/person (minivan) or 8.000 HUF/taxi

(entrance fee to the Abbey: 1.000 HUF)

19.00 - Banquett*

Included in the registration fee


14th December

13.00 - Travelling to Herend to the Porcelain Manufactory

travel fee: 1.800 HUF/person (minivan) or 5.000 HUF/taxi

(entrance fee: 1.900 HUF)

14.00 - Visiting the Pannon Observatory Visitor Center in Bakonybél*


travel fee: 3.500 HUF/person (minivan) or 8.000 HUF/taxi

(entrance fee: 1.900 HUF)

15.30 - Castle Sümeg, knight show and medieval dinner in Sümeg*

(the show begins at 17.00, dinner at 18:00)

travel fee: 4.000 HUF/person (minivan) or 14.000 HUF/taxi

(entrance fee: 6.500 HUF)

 * preliminary registration is compulsory, if you want to participate please, send an e-mail to vocal@dcs.uni-pannon.hu, the fees have to be paid at the registration desk in HUF or EURO.